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Peppa Pig: Flying a Kite and Other Stories (2012)

2012 Movie
Director : Not Found
Actors : Not Found
Run Time : 52 min
Country :

Blackmoney ® (2012)

2012 Action, Drama, Thriller Movie
The parents of Chidi,an international student derive pleasure Nigeria are execute inside a motorcar wreck, Chidi also his sister, Chioma are gone to fend for the rationale that themselves. This eventually leads to a pecuniary mission that turns Chidi to a globe of offense where he joins the contentious gang

Brujas (2012)

2012 Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller Movie
Director : Edgar Alejandro Hilbert
Actors : Tatiana Bedoya as Maria, Nora Peña as Sharon / Terri, Virgle Lee DeBord as Chris (as Virgle DeBord), Marichal Brown Jr. as Duce, Deanna Light as Nia, Keenan Johnston as Bill, Xiomara Jimenez as Young Sharon / Terri, Jeff Palmer as Saul,

I Think I Just Saw the Devil (2012)

2012 Crime, Drama, Thriller Movie
A sorry enforcer inside hiding is obligated abet into the survival he gone at the back of inside request to hold his greenhorn order safe. An abused little mommy plods prepared her dysfunctional life, house on a verdict meant time ago. Now beyond witnessing the murder of her paramount friend, she must navigate

Giallo Girl (2012)

2012 Horror Movie
When a young babe is obligated into a permanent home-bound quarantine, a killer invades her world. Is he true or inside her head?
Director : Dustin Austen
Actors : Janet Jay as Chloe, Caitlin Biesecker as Dr. Jill Johanson, Marc Tresenrider as Pag, Eric Stroud as Branson, Jarrett Von Flogden as Max, Kylee

Thelema the Equinox Diaries (2012)

2012 Drama, Thriller Movie
A psychotic Iraq War veteran teaches his younger buddy the talent of individual a calculated killer inside this counted footage mental thriller of two brother`s descent into madness inside trade Katrina New Orleans.
Director : Zachary Manuel
Actors : Jamie Teer as Jogger, Kristin Samuelson as