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Giallo Girl (2012)

2012 Horror Movie
When a young babe is obligated into a permanent home-bound quarantine, a killer invades her world. Is he true or inside her head?
Director : Dustin Austen
Actors : Janet Jay as Chloe, Caitlin Biesecker as Dr. Jill Johanson, Marc Tresenrider as Pag, Eric Stroud as Branson, Jarrett Von Flogden as Max, Kylee Read More...

Thelema the Equinox Diaries (2012)

2012 Drama, Thriller Movie
A psychotic Iraq War veteran teaches his younger buddy the talent of individual a calculated killer inside this counted footage mental thriller of two brother`s descent into madness inside trade Katrina New Orleans.
Director : Zachary Manuel
Actors : Jamie Teer as Jogger, Kristin Samuelson as Read More...

Tourne Cave (2012)

2012 Drama Movie
Director : Bob Yothers
Actors : Agnes Bellan as Claire, Pierre-Francoise Beranger as Tristan, Hena Berigny as Lucie, Laurent Bigot as Mari Bar, Louise Bigot as Enfant du Jardin, Noe Bigot as Enfant du Jardin, Max Boeuf as Monstre des forets, Emilien Borel as Ombre, Nina Bruneau as Enfant du Jardin, Walter Bruneau Read More...

The Cure (2012/II)

2012 Drama Movie
Director : Christopher James Lopez
Actors : Davi Santos as Damien Villanueva, Christopher James Lopez as Jonathan Villanueva, Edward Sass III as Young Damien / Freddy, Christopher Bogomas as Young Johnny, Haley Zale as Alice, Juliette De Paola as Hope, Ashley Ortiz as Tara, Malinda Sass as BD Young-Damien / Read More...

Subprime Children (2012)

2012 Drama Movie
`Subprime Children` is a aspect drama proportional to the new economic system meltdown. It imply people inside general who played a neighbourhood inside the unquenchable society. Now, these people in general must face expression the reality, a vastly very terrible one…
Director : T.J. Yoshizaki
Actors

AFK: Heroes of Prophecy (2012)

2012 Comedy Movie
For Kyle Masters, vitality was grand. Rolling risk inside his garage also his friends, a eye-catching gentleman on his arms, what on earth can set off wrong… Oh where to begin? What was consider to transform an epic weekend of LARP fun, killing monster, slaying evil, plus only all-purpose acceptable times, turns into a Read More...

Pérez (2012)

2012 Drama Movie
`Perez` bestows the come across between an inside erotic in addition to irresponsible forty-year-old in addition to his 22 every year mature daughter, Roma, whom he hasn`t recognized to a higher degree a pair of durations inside his end life. Tardily in the hunt for to explicate a relationship as well as her, he invites her to use Read More...

3 Kadin 3 Kader (2012)

2012 Drama Movie
Director : Ahmet Faik Akinci
Actors : Not Found
Run Time : 100-110min
Country : Turkey

Night of the Cannibals (2012)

2012 Horror Movie
A collection of campers receive a jaunt into distant woods because a weekend of camping furthermore partying, just to decide they`re not alone.
Director : Joe Mohn
Actors : Kristina Michelle as Danielle, Daniel Emery Taylor as Mark, Julian Christopher Kalis as Chris, Courtney Nicole as Angel, Cory German as Read More...

Hans: A Case Study (2012)

2012 History Movie
Hans: A Case Study is a fresh fable relative to Sigmund Freud`s 1909 landmark case overview Little Hans: Analysis of a Phobia inside a Five Year old-time Boy. Hans is a hero`s yarn of a juvenile boy`s get away cherish the imposition of neurosis into discovery of self. Writer/director David Pilot accepted the historic case to the Read More...