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All Stars (2014)

2014 Comedy Movie
All Stars follows a girls’ 10-year-old fastpitch softball side also their heads finished a recreation…
Director : Lance Kinsey
Actors : Mary Lynn Rajskub, John Goodman, Christian Kane, Angela Kinsey, Nicole Sullivan, Illeana Douglas, Fred Willard, Mike Hagerty, Jill Talley, Seth Morris, Miriam

All She Wants 2 (2014)

2014 Drama Movie
Director : Laura Crapo
Actors : 79min
Run Time : 88min
Country : Canada

All Saints Eve (2014)

2014 Horror Movie
A threatening preacher inside the 1800’s leads an unsatisfied church mob to murder a farmer as anyways as his family, the conclude thing to assistance the coveted McKale farmland…
Director : Gerry Lively
Actors : Marc Macaulay, Bingo O’Malley, Mere Davis, Katrina Darrell, Tiffany Kemp,

All Night Gaming (2014)

2014 Comedy Movie
A young slacker has exclusively one and only nighttime to absolute a main English assignment, his grades depends on it…
Director : Michael Cusack
Actors : Jack Michel, Teigan Mccarty, James Ferguson, Nathaniel Gomes, Toby Davis, Chris Polzot, Roy De Los Reyes, Naomi Gasser, Amy-Lea Griffin, Michael

All Lit Up (2014)

2014 Drama Movie
A unbeaten graduate health student is clueless to his cocaine addiction wide awake till he accepts a dice that causes his globe to transpire apart.
Director : Olivier Loranger Gagnon
Actors : Emma Barrett, Felix Santos
Country : USA

All Is Well (2014)

2014 Comedy, Drama, Romance Movie
Director : Umesh Shukla
Actors : Abhishek Bachchan, Asin, Rishi Kapoor
Run Time : 95min
Country : India