Aftershock (2012)

2012 Horror, Thriller Movie
After an earthquake erupts inside Chile, tourist realize that a closest penal complex inside the community collapsed inside the event, along with everything surviving criminals looked after to squash free. Soon they find out that the certain horrible thing, further awful that Mother Nature, is what on earth she created.
In Chile, a brand of travelers who are inside an underground nightclub as soon as a huge earthquake strikes directly find out that accomplishing the make progress is competently the starting up of their nightmare.
Director : Nicolás López
Actors : Lorenza Izzo as Kylie, Nicolás Martínez as Pollo, Eli Roth as Gringo, Natasha Yarovenko as Irina, Ariel Levy as Ariel, Andrea Osvárt as Monica, Marcial Tagle as Firefighter, Ramón Llao as Ramon, Álvaro López Álvarez as Jesus (as Álvaro López), Ignacia Allamand as Guide, Dayana Amigo as Bartender, Patricio Strahovsky as Priest, Matías López as Marito, Eduardo Domínguez as Russell Dazzle, Gabriela Hernández as Cleaning Lady, Edgardo Bruna as Grumpy Operator, Cristina Sánchez Pascual as Kindly Woman, Paz Bascuñan as Pregnant Woman, Vicky Silva as Red Head Woman, Benito Quercia as Bald Man, Stephany Schroer as Amanda, Adrián Salgado as Flaite 1 – Adrian, Orlando Alfaro as Flaite 2 – Cristofer, Enrique Quiroz as Flaite 3 – Bairon, Fran Concha as Amiga de la Guia, Marcela de la Carrera as Homeless Mujer, Carlos Martínez as Man 40, Ingrid Leyton as Madre, Baltazar Amaya as Hijo de 8 anos, Camilo Amaya as Hijo de 10 anos, Ignacio Verdugo as Bombero Agonizante, Nicolás Carrasco as Nino 6 anos, Amaro Díaz as Nino 4 anos, Pablo Courard as Recepcionist Hotel Valparaiso, Selena Gomez as Lisa
Run Time : 90 min
Country : USA | Chile