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Bombay Talkies (2014)

Biography, Drama, Family Movie
The mess around captures the taste of kinsmen existing inside Mumbai ended seven personalities who suffer been strung collectively inside a novel drama collection of programmes of interwoven monologues.
Director : Vickram Kapadia
Run Time : 77 min
Country : India

Bogowie (2014)

Biography, Drama Movie
The ahead of time vocation of cardiac surgeon Zbigniew Religa. Despite scratchy actuality of the 1980s Poland, he productively leads a side of medical examiners to the country's foremost gentleman mind transplantation.
Director : Lukasz Palkowski
Run Time : 120 min
Country :

Espera Un Segundo (2014)

Biography, Sci-Fi Movie
Julio feels he is ceaselessly belatedly for the rationale that everything, nonetheless single day, opportunity styles him forestall a second, with approach another vitality inside an odd equivalent universe…
Director : Germán Roda
Run Time : 14 min
Country : Spain

Dawn of a New Day (2014)

Biography, History Movie
The duration inside 1901 was the flip of the century that displayed to novel commitment of trust also possibilities continuing…
Director : Nichel Anderson
Run Time : 90-110min
Country : USA

Abzurdah (2015)

Biography, Drama, Romance Movie
Based on the autobiographical brand new by Cielo Latini, the movie tells the narrative of an adolescent who falls…
Director : Daniela Goggi
Run Time : 90-110min
Country : Argentina

Abby Singer/Songwriter (2015)

Biography, Comedy, Music Movie
A has-been New York rock-star teams wakeful plus a wannabe filmmaker to kill hipster civilization inside New York… if they don't kill self first.
Director : Onur Tukel
Run Time : 75 min
Country : USA

Queen of the Mountains (2014)

Action, Biography, Drama, History Movie
The germane epic chronicle of the strong-willed, bold in addition to autonomous woman prior her time, Kurmanjan, who is honored to this daylight since her negotiation since saving her realm delight in inclusive demolition as soon as the Russians invaded.
Director : Sadyk Sher-Niyaz
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Tell Them of Us (2014)

Biography, Drama, History, War Movie
A drama reciting the precise narrative of a genre inside World War One with how their lives transformed as soon as their two sons set out to war.
Director : Nick Loven
Run Time : 70 min
Country : UK

Poveda (2015)

Biography Movie
Director : Pablo Moreno
Run Time : 90-110min
Country : Spain

476 A.D. Chapter One: The Last Light of Aries (2014)

Biography, Drama, History Movie
After General Flavius Aetius frees the Roman Empire bask in the clutches of Attila the Hun, Rome is one time once more secure…
Director : Ivan Pavletic
Run Time : 76 min
Country : Croatia | USA | Italy