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A Lethal History (2015)

Action, Crime, Mystery Movie
A novel movie enjoys director, G.M. Whiting. A Lethal History, tells the fairy-tale of a man, who's lady is conveyed aloof from him…
Director : G.M. Whiting
Run Time : 90-110min
Country : USA

Konn (2014)

Crime Movie
Four Highschool student's seeking to deposit an absolute to their popular struggle; financially broke, can't fulfill any of their wishes because a teenager, therefore they learn a mannerism where they take amusing in the treasures furthermore countenance the consequences.
Director : Jena K. Siva
Run Time

Kommissar Taler (2014)

Comedy, Crime, Mystery Movie
"Kommissar Taler" is almost about the teen in addition to dynamic inspector Christian Taler (Alexander Knaipp) in addition to his feisty brand new Tyrolean assistant…
Director : Victoria Halper
Run Time : 63 min | Austria:62 min
Country : Austria

Bony a klid (1988)

Comedy, Crime, Drama Movie
Director : Vít Olmer
Run Time : 90 min
Country : Czechoslovakia

Bony a klid II (2014)

Comedy, Crime Movie
A sequel to a Czech cult flick Bony a klid (1988) almost a division of change dealers, who trafficked foreign…
Director : Vít Olmer
Run Time : 90-110min
Country : Czech Republic

Bolgia totale (2014)

Crime, Drama Movie
Rome Today: an more matured plus shabby policeman has three years to see a immature psychotic prescription dealer.
Director : Matteo Scifoni
Run Time : 97 min
Country : Italy