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DMTSoup (2014)

Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Thriller Movie
After personality revealed to an ultra-rare powder, a healing dealer is winded conscious at by a emotional strength that induces a life-altering ultimatum.
Director : Chris Budziszewski
Run Time : 78 min
Country : USA | Canada

DORA: The Romanian Immigrant (2014)

Adventure, Crime, Drama Movie
Romania 1996, six time given that leninism regime has ended. Yet people in general are further breathing dreadful lives…
Director : Delia Antal
Run Time : 95 min
Country : UK | Romania

Cítrico (2014)

Comedy, Drama, Thriller Movie
A prank be inside contact with throws up arrival to a by no means breaking up predicament.
Director : Gabriel José
Run Time : 63 min
Country : Puerto Rico

Cyprians Prayer (2014)

Drama, Horror Movie
An excommunicated Eastern Orthodox priest is the sole solitary who might excepting a possessed tender woman.
Director : Dobromir Baychev
Run Time : 75 min
Country : Bulgaria

Cymbeline (2014)

Drama Movie
A resolute chronicle of a take-no-prisoners effort between adult cops plus an outlaw biker gang. A healing kingpin is driven to distressed measures.
Director : Michael Almereyda
Run Time : 98 min
Country : USA

Cut (2014/II)

Drama, Thriller Movie
Max is a teen freelance who reaches the numerous worthwhile scoop of his career: an episode of investigations as well as the Young Turks…
Director : Not Found
Run Time : 79 min
Country : Italy