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Elelwani (2012)

2012 Drama, Family, History, Romance Movie
Elelwani furthermore her boyfriend are inside care furthermore pass through ideas to assign the leisure of their lives together. They are both up to date furthermore live urban lives along furthermore aspirations to tour abroad. After her university graduation Elelwani revenue to her group inside the rural

Kufferten (2012)

2012 Action, Adventure, Biography, Drama, History, Romance, War Movie
The suitcase is a movie managing subjects because love, effort as anyways as trust. In the 1940s war-torn Denmark, the tender dame Marie turns 10 life old. It is partyed inside the parents` bakery shop where she as anyways as her male relative Sebastian on 13 life each day work.

The King (2012)

2012 Drama, History Movie
Director : Giovanni Columbu
Actors : Fiorenzu Mattu, Pietrina Mennea as Mary, Tonino Murgia as Caiaphas, Paolo Pillonca, Antonio Forma as Judas, Luca Todde as Pietro, Giovanni Frau as John, Simonetta Columbu, Bruno Petretto as Joseph of Arimathea, Ignazio Pani as Thief, Carlo Sannais as Thief

The Rochdale Pioneers (2012)

2012 Drama, Family, History Movie
Based on a truthful anecdote of hope, determination as at any rate as principles, The Rochdale Pioners is an added picture as facets to a set of acting mortals who, opposition a backdrop of poverty, prejudices as at any rate as rough acting conditions, pool as facets to altering the unfair population that they

Vampires: Rise of the Fallen (2012)

2012 History, Horror Movie
Michelle is a usual expensive rank student till solitary middle of the night she is bitten by an extraordinary animal bit going inside the woods. Her supporter attempts to encourage her work out the permit she`s running through, because she becomes a Vampire. Challenged by immortality in addition to looked up by a bracket

Jail Caesar (2012)

2012 Drama, History Movie
The childhood of the Roman ruler Julius Caesar for counseled inside three acting prisons: Pollsmoor inside Cape Town, Cardiff Prison inside Wales along with the Brotherhood Lodge Penitentiary inside Alberta.
Director : Paul Schoolman
Actors : Derek Jacobi as Sulla, John Kani as Marius, Alice Krige