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A Louder Silence (2015/I)

Drama, Family, War Movie
Over thirty days behind her father's death, Anna, harbors a composed chimney inside, plus it looks to engagement attaining louder since she gets older…
Director : Not Found
Run Time : 110 min | 114 min
Country : Canada | Lebanon | UK

Cure: The Life of Another (2014)

Drama, Mystery, Thriller, War Movie
Linda plus Eta, two 14-year-old girls, top of friends, get back a isolated coastline underneath the cliffs of Dubrovnik; the first light after, just one among each other returns.
Director : Andrea Staka
Run Time : 83 min
Country : Switzerland | Croatia | Bosnia and

Chuzhaya voyna (2014)

Action, Drama, War Movie
The Soldier tells us on the focus of the armed forces operations getting site inside the days 1965-1973 whilst a group…
Director : Aleksandr Chernyaev
Run Time : 100 min | Germany:86 min (DVD) | Japan:89 min (DVD) | USA:85 min (DVD)
Country : Russia

In Silence (2014)

Drama, History, War Movie
Director : Zdenek Jiráský
Run Time : 90 min
Country : Czech Republic | Slovakia

In Clear Sight (2014)

Action, Drama, War Movie
An international autonomous microbudget film. During the Cold War two American militia are sent to…
Director : Atso Pärnänen
Run Time : 61 min
Country : Finland

Amaru (2015)

Drama, Fantasy, War Movie
A juvenile revolutionary samples mankind also the mayhem of battle in the course of socio-political upheaval inside the unreal Latin American geographical region of Caldera.
Director : Robert A. Cuadra
Run Time : 70 min
Country : USA