Embedded (2012)

2012 Action, Horror, Thriller Movie
In an effort to judge a ignored boy inside the woods, an NBS news bulletin writer along with his cameraman embed each other in addition to a grouping of hunters previous everything play awry.
Director : Michael Bafaro
Actors : Don Knodel as James Parnell, Steve Thackray as Sheriff Mike Hoffler, Jeb Beach as Tom Whittaker, Jennifer Koenig as Wilma Ravens, Krista Magnusson as Deputy Percy Clark, Arpad Balogh as Deputy Clyde Owens, Lori Watt as Samantha Garner, Tom Brushett as Newt Jenkins, Matt O` Sullivan as Eli Reilly, Johnny Gingell as Isaac Reilly, Isabelle Landry as Wife interviewee, Sam Dulmage as George Peterson, Tracy Shier as Barbara Peterson
Run Time : 92 min
Country : Canada