Menú degustació (2012)

2012 Comedy Movie
A duo gradings a reservation because the most excellent eating place inside the planet because a once a year later. When the daytime arrives, they`re separated also it is the concluding nighttime the eating place will troth open. None of one another will jump over the cookery event.
Director : Roger Gual
Actors : Stephen Rea as Walter, Fionnula Flanagan as Countess D`Arcy, Claudia Bassols as Rachel, Togo Igawa as Isao Kamiyama, Jan Cornet as Marc, Timothy Gibbs as Daniel, Marta Torné as Mina, Iván Morales as Eduardo, Vicenta N`Dongo as Mar, Andrew Tarbet as Max, Molly Malcolm as Diane, Andrés Herrera as Ramón, Santi Millán as TV Host (as Himself), Andrea Ros as Paula, Marc Rodríguez as Hidalgo, Jose Mantero as Barman, Luka Peros as Stevo, Akihiko Serikawa as Josio Takamura
Run Time : 100-110min
Country : Spain