My Dog Skip (2000)

2000 Drama, Family, Sport Film
A shy boy grows conscious inside 1940s Mississippi as well as the second of his valued dog, Skip.
Director : Jay Russell
Actors : Frankie Muniz as Willie Morris, Diane Lane as Ellen Morris, Luke Wilson as Dink Jenkins, Kevin Bacon as Jack Morris, Bradley Coryell as Big Boy Wilkinson, Daylan Honeycutt as Henjie Henick, Cody Linley as Spit McGee, Caitlin Wachs as Rivers Applewhite, Peter Crombie as Junior Smalls, Clint Howard as Millard, Mark Beech as Army Buddy, Susan Carol Davis as Mrs. Jenkins, David Pickens as Mr. Jenkins, Lucile Doan Ewing as Aunt Maggie, Nathaniel Lee Jr. as Sammy (as Nathaniel Lee), Polly Craig as Grandmother Mamie, John Stiritz as Grandfather Percy, John M. Sullivan II as Hunter (as John Sullivan), Elizabeth Rice as Rivers` Friend, Nate Bynum as Man on Street, Stacie Doublin as Woman on Street, William Butler as Barney (as Bill Butler), Katherine Shoulders as Mrs. Applewhite, Joann Blackenship as Miss Abbott (as Joann Blankenship), Hunter Hayes as Accordion Boy, Cannon Smith as Bible Boy, Courtney Brown as Snake girl, Brian Witt as Armpit Boy, Jerome Jerald as Waldo Grace, Jordan Williams as Lt. Hartman, Stuart Greenwell as Hunter, Harry Hood as Baseball Coach, Gordon Swaim as Umpire, Owen Boutwell as Spectator, Chaon Cross as Spectator, Jim Fraiser as Veterinarian, Graham Gordy as Pump Jockey, Michael Berkshire as Older Willie, Wayne Wimberly as Older Spit, Josh Yates as Older Henjie, James Thweat as Older Big Boy, Harry Connick Jr. as Narrator, Enzo the Dog as Skip, Moose as Old Skip, Emily D. Haley as Towns People, Shayne Tingle as Major
Country : USA
Run Time : 95 min
Company : Alcon Entertainment
Language : English | German
Filming Locations : Canton, Mississippi, USA