Spring Breakers (2012)

2012 Comedy, Drama Movie
Brit, Candy, Cotty, in addition to Faith labor under been paramount friends because tastefulness school. They live collectively inside a humdrum college dorm in addition to are ravenous since adventure. All they need to do is unless adequate change since bounce crush to acquire their scene at evoking many existent fun. A serendipitous bump into along furthermore rapper Alien insists to present the girls along furthermore the consummate thing the pleasure in addition to exhilaration they would pray for. With the encouragement of their current friend, it before long becomes vague how far-off the girls are disposed to go off to tolerate a bounce crush they will not at all forget.
Four college girls who abode inside prison beyond robbing a eatery inside apply to fund their leap mash retreat view self bailed out by a treatment also arms dealer who requests one another to do sundry titillating work.
Director : Harmony Korine
Actors : James Franco as Alien, Selena Gomez as Faith, Vanessa Hudgens as Candy, Ashley Benson as Brit, Rachel Korine as Cotty, Gucci Mane as Archie, Heather Morris as Bess, Ash Lendzion as Forest, Emma Holzer as Heather, Lee Irby as History Professor, Jeff Jarrett as Youth Pastor, Josh Randall as Jock 1, Travis Duncan as Jock 2, John McClain as Judge, Paige Anderson as Female Guard, Rebecca Kauffman as Cheerleader Type, Tony Robinette as Nerdy Boy, Megan Russell as Spring Break Girl 1, Kathryn Trail as Spring Break Girl 2, Jarrett Ricker as Jock #3, Ken Anthony II as Archies Thug-club, Brianna Borello as A spring breaker, Jeph Cangé as Archie`s Thug, Vivian Fleming-Alvarez as Bridemaid, Mattox Gardner as Archie`s Thug #2, Rod Grant as Groomsman, Dave Kramer as Groom, Shawn Larkin as Snorting Jock, Carlee Miller as Tourist on Bus, Ananda Milsa as Bikini Party Girl, Courtney Paige Kramer as Bride, B.J. Parker as Jail Inmate, Eric Russo as Spring Breaker on Bus, Sidney Sewell as ATL Twin, Thurman Sewell as ATL Twin, Dayton Sinkia as Arcade Player, Ivy Sinn as, Cait Taylor as Tiffany, Lauren Vera as Spring Breaker, Debbie Whited as Court room attendee, Nicole Paris Williams as Arcade Player victim 1
Run Time : 94 min
Country : USA