The Dying Game (2012)

2012 Mystery, Romance, Thriller Movie
Alison requests to audition since one more realism make an appearance inside New York City spoke to `THE GAME` critical her boyfriend Greg`s wishes. She more or less auditions awaiting she`s spooked by something she excess of hears an extra actress say. The afterwards daytime succeeding likewise exploration she learns that THE GAME was played inside Brazil with the mortals who played THE GAME the end lot mysteriously died. A pal of Greg`s winded conscious at the do any individual a service rash of auditions. Can Alison with Greg excepting his pal with recommend the relaxation of the mortals sooner than it`s more than usually late?
Alison requests to audition as another authenticity come on the scene inside New York City spoke to `THE GAME` opposition her boyfriend Greg`s wishes…
Director : Not Found
Actors : Phillip Andre Botello as Cj, Damion Lee as Damion, Frances Lozada as Delores, Chudney Sykes as Chudney, Colin Tary as Man at Auditions, Ebony Coles as Eboney, Dwayne A. Thomas as Security Guard, Sergio Bueno as Sergio, Keri Taylor as Keri, Ioanna Gavakou as Ioanna, Myriam Moss as Voodoo Lady, Rick Apicella as Rick, Kevin Lamonte Jones as Kevin, Jameel Moore Koonce as The Bum, Marlon Ward as Houston, Gabriel Garcia as Woman #1, Jessica Donahue as Female Dancer #3, Jesse Rodriquez as Male Dancer #1, Todd Schmidt as Todd, James Earl Stewart as Security Guard #1, Rickens P. Anantua as Man #1, Steven Crowley as The Man, Denise Collins as Wardrobe Monitor, Paul Schlader as Greg, Shameika Canty as Audition Monitor, Andrea Scott as Andrea, Bianca M. Gonzalez as Female Dancer #2, Liesel Leddin as Alison, Elizabeth C. Rosengren as Maggie, Paula Sanders as Female Dance #1, Emmanuel Dugene as Male Dancer #2, Shawnna Wardlaw as Woman #2, John-Deric Mitchell as Male Dancer #3
Run Time : 141 min
Country : USA