The Impossible (2012)

2012 Drama, History, Thriller Movie
A universal breed – Maria Naomi Watts, Henry Ewan McGregor along with their three children – voyage to Thailand to expend Christmas. They acquire an advance to a villa on the coastline. After specifying inside along with dealing gifts, they set off to the pool, reminiscent of consequently variant different tourists. A flawless rapture break pending an overseas blare becomes a roar. There is no long period of time to run off fancy the tsunami; Maria along with her eldest are swept one and only way, Henry along with the infant another. Who will survive, along with anything will grow to be of them?
Director : Juan Antonio Bayona
Actors : Naomi Watts as Maria, Ewan McGregor as Henry, Tom Holland as Lucas, Samuel Joslin as Thomas, Oaklee Pendergast as Simon, Marta Etura as Simone, Sönke Möhring as Karl, Geraldine Chaplin as Old Woman, Ploy Jindachote as Caregiver, Jomjaoi Sae-Limh as Red Cross Nurse, Johan Sundberg as Daniel, Jan Roland Sundberg as Daniel`s Father, La-Orng Thongruang as Old Thai Man, Tor Klathaley as Young Thai Man, Douglas Johansson as Mr. Benstrom, Emilio Riccardi as Morten Benstrom, Vorarat Jutakeo as Doctor in Stockroom, Karun Konsaman as Young Nurse in Stockroom, Nicola Harrison as Woman in charge of Simon and Thomas, John Albasiny as Oliver Tudpole, Gitte Witt as Norwegian Patient, Bruce Blain as American Tourist, Celicia Arnold as American Tourist`s Wife, Peter Tuinstra as American Tourist on Orchid Roof, Esther Davis as Volunteer in Children`s Tent, Dominic Power as Tourist Near the Orchid, Sarinrat Thomas as Operating Nurse, Oak Keerati as Orchid Male Employee, Wipawee Charoenpura as Woman in Children`s Minibus, Laura Power as Young Nurse in Airplane, Kowit Wattanakul as Henry`s Pick-up Driver, Zoe Popham as Tourist in Henry`s Pick-up, Danai Thiengdham
Run Time : 114 min
Country : Spain