Water for Elephants (2011)

2011 Drama, Romance Film
A veterinary student abandons his polls succeeding his parents are exterminate as anyways as joins a on the move circus since their vet.
Director : Francis Lawrence
Actors : Reese Witherspoon as Marlena Rosenbluth, Robert Pattinson as Jacob, Christoph Waltz as August, Paul Schneider as Charlie, Jim Norton as Camel, Hal Holbrook as Old Jacob Jankowski, Mark Povinelli as Kinko / Walter, Richard Brake as Grady, Stephen Taylor as Wade (as Stephen Monroe Taylor), Ken Foree as Earl, Scott MacDonald as Blackie, James Frain as Rosie`s Caretaker, Sam Anderson as Mr. Hyde, John Aylward as Mr. Erwin, Brad Greenquist as Mr. Robinson, Tim Guinee as Diamond Joe, Donna W. Scott as Barbara, E.E. Bell as Cecil the Barker, Kyle Jordan as Russ, Aleksandra Kaniak as Mrs. Jankowski, Ilia Volok as Mr. Jankowski, Bruce Gray as Proctor, Jim Jansen as Dean Wilkins, James Keane as Chaplain, Ivo Nandi as Grocer, Karynn Moore as Catherine Hale, Andrew Connolly as Weehawken Officer, Glen McDougal as Big Top Band Leader, Tracy Phillips as Coochie Girl (Nell), Rowan O`Hara as Stampede Girl, Tai as Rosie, Uggie as Queenie, Ice as Silver Star, Major as Rex, Sita Acevedo as Circus Performer, Danny Castle as Circus Performer, Michael Coronas as Circus Performer, Aloysia Gavre as Circus Performer, Chobi Gyorgy as Circus Performer, David Hunt as Circus Performer, George Landkas-Coronas as Circus Performer, Kerren McKeeman as Circus Performer, Rebecca Ostroff as Circus Performer, Bianca Sapetto as Circus Performer, Katia Sereno as Sideshow, Vladimir Sizov as Circus Performer, Russ Stark as Circus Performer, Sebastien Stella as Circus Performer, Lee-Anne Telford as Circus Performer, Dreya Weber as Circus Performer, Tara Ferguson as Showgirl, Shannon Freyer as Showgirl, Kelsey McNamee as Showgirl, Molly O`Neill as Showgirl, Aryiel Hartman as Coochie Girl, Michelle LaVon as Coochie Girl, Mark Barnett as Sideshow, Kacie Borrowman as Sideshow, Rob Crites as Sideshow, Kelly Erickson as Sideshow, Derrick Gilday as Sideshow, Jonathan Moore as Sideshow, Mary Newman as Sideshow, Brad Potts as Sideshow, Dalmacio Pueblos as Sideshow, Larry Gomez as Circus Performer, Jackie Zane as Sideshow, Aaron Bloom as Clown, Chris Grabher as Clown, Eddie Medrano as Clown, Stephen Simon as Clown, Jon Weiss as Clown, Thomas Waymouth as Clown, Wyatt Biessel as Big Top Band, Christopher Blim as Big Top Band, Duff Dugan as Big Top Band, Marcus Everett as Big Top Band, Joe Langer as Big Top Band, Stefan Rollins as Big Top Band, William Morse as Big Top Band, Evan Silverman as Big Top Band, Beresford Bennett as Sideshow Band, Johnny Britt as Sideshow Band, Garnett Brown as Sideshow Band, George Harper as Sideshow Band, Bobby Haynes as Sideshow Band, Todd Cochran as Speakeasy Jazz Band, Mike Davis as Speakeasy Jazz Band, Keith Fiddmont as Speakeasy Jazz Band, Wynton McCurdy as Speakeasy Jazz Band, Deryl Patterson as Speakeasy Jazz Band, Kabin Thomas as Speakeasy Jazz Band, Karl Vincent as Speakeasy Jazz Band, Pamela Adamic as Foxtrot Dancer, Jacob Bertrand as Boy, Kimberly Bishop as Rube, Max Bogner as Coroner, Joseph Booton as Deposit Rube, Slav Boston as Rube, Rick L. Dean as Rube, Tatum Etheridge as Jacob`s Daughter, Sean Galuszka as Circus Performer, Lauren Harper as Speakeasy Patron, Christopher Karl Johnson as Foxtrot Dancer in Speakeasy, Melissa Johnston as Foxtrot Dancer, Sarah Karjian as Speakeasy Socialite, Ryan J Kelly as Dancer, Kevin Ketcham as Benzini Lead Core Roustabout, Tracy Lockridge as Roustabout, Lindsay Lucas-Bartlett as Downscale Rube, Tommy Lukasewicz as Benzini Core Roustabout, Alan Mueting as Smoker at Speakeasy, Stephane Nicoli as Rube, Fynn O`Hara as Dancer, Ashley Palmer as Foxtrot Dancer, Ginger Pauley as Cigarette Girl, Erin Pickett as Circus Visitor, Juli Piechovski as Fox-trotter, Barry J. Ratcliffe as Foxtrot Dancer, David Rivera as Benzini Roustabout, Deborah Rombaut as New York Socialite, Chris Rubio as Cornell Friend of Jacob, Adrienne Rusk as Speakeasy Socialite, Matthew C. Ryan as Benzini Roustabout, Matthew Schuster as Rube, Zach Silverman as Upper Class Rube, Daniel Sobieray as Dancer, Sandra Staggs as Dancer, Lisa Marie Summerscales as Rube, Derek Jon Talsma as Rube, Cody Wood as Rube
Country : USA
Run Time : USA:120 min | Argentina:120 min
Company : Fox 2000 Pictures
Language : English | Polish
Filming Locations : 20th Century Fox Studios – 10201 Pico Blvd, Century City, Los Angeles, California, USA