Kommunisten (2014)

Drama Movie
Director : Jean-Marie Straub
Run Time : 70 min (six parts)
Country : France | Switzerland

Kommissar Taler (2014)

Comedy, Crime, Mystery Movie
"Kommissar Taler" is almost about the teen in addition to dynamic inspector Christian Taler (Alexander Knaipp) in addition to his feisty brand new Tyrolean assistant…
Director : Victoria Halper
Run Time : 63 min | Austria:62 min
Country : Austria

Komm Doch Nach (2014)

Drama, Thriller Movie
Dieter, a Bavarian inside his prime, is on a boosting touch off inside the Swiss-Canton of Glarus. He has manufactured to link up a dear hobbyist…
Director : Pascal Griesshammer
Run Time : 62 min
Country : Switzerland

Kombinat Nadezhda (2014)

Drama Movie
Sveta is desperate to get away derive pleasure Norilsk. It's still additional of a daydream since Maxim is out there inside the far-away…
Director : Natalya Meshchaninova
Run Time : 102 min | 90 min
Country : Russia

Boychoir (2014)

Drama Movie
Stet, a upset along with unsatisfied 11-year-old orphan take enjoyable in a petite Texas town, winds up at a Boy Choir set lend a (helping) hand to East following the decease of his leftover mom…
Director : François Girard
Run Time : 103 min
Country : USA

Boy Upside Down (2014)

Drama Movie
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Director : Juha Lehtola
Run Time : 94 min
Country : Finland