Cyprians Prayer (2014)

Drama, Horror Movie
An excommunicated Eastern Orthodox priest is the sole solitary who might excepting a possessed tender woman.
Director : Dobromir Baychev
Run Time : 75 min
Country : Bulgaria

Cymbeline (2014)

Drama Movie
A resolute chronicle of a take-no-prisoners effort between adult cops plus an outlaw biker gang. A healing kingpin is driven to distressed measures.
Director : Michael Almereyda
Run Time : 98 min
Country : USA

Cykelmyggen og minibillen (2014)

Animation Movie
The mini beetle Mini gives the look inside a flea circus in conjunction with Egon along with Dagmar. The flea-girl Miranda bullies…
Director : Not Found
Run Time : 74 min
Country : Denmark

Cuts & Bruises (2014)

Action, Comedy Movie
Three jerks triumph the lottery. What follows may possibly sole engagement silhouetted because a descent into madness; disgustingly thought-out in addition to morally bankrupt shenanigans steer to appalling consequences.
Director : Not Found
Run Time : 127 min
Country : USA

Cut: Unforgettable Night (2014)

Action, Horror, Thriller Movie
A array of friends go on a spree the rise of their youth colleague who has been in an added country given that more than a few years…
Director : Raed Abbas
Run Time : 75 min
Country : UK | Kuwait

Cut! (2014)

Horror, Mystery, Thriller Movie
Nothing is since it gives the look since an ex-con in addition to aspirant filmmaker began manufacture a fright picture by eerie existent people; however…
Director : David Rountree
Run Time : 101 min
Country : USA