Eternal (2014/I)

Drama Movie
Director : Not Found
Run Time : 90-110min
Country : USA

Eta Carina (2014)

Drama, Family, Romance Movie
Adrien's survival collapses while his better half plus female offspring pass away inside a motorized vehicle accident. Unable to work, keeping removed from his friends…
Director : Robin Entreinger
Run Time : 98 min
Country : France

Et maintenant nous sommes en vie (2014)

Drama, Romance Movie
As belief requires, on his 25th birthday, Tom must opt for the damsel of his dreams, eyes shut, by the dependable of her declare alone.
Director : Thibault Arbre
Run Time : 100 min
Country : France | Belgium

Están Aquí (2014)

Horror Movie
The madness is contagious.
Director : Sandra Becerril
Run Time : 90-110min
Country : Mexico

Estrellas solitarias (2014)

Comedy, Drama Movie
To the strike of punk & pop, Valentina & Joana pursue their more near plus private dreams. On the drive to success…
Director : Fernando Urdapilleta
Run Time : 90 min
Country : Mexico

Estrella quiero ser (2014)

Drama Movie
Escape the each day usual also decadent atmosphere that species the noble lives Lorena view a illumine at the finish of the road, troth TV star, there is merely only problem, do this the rigid way.
Director : Gustavo Nieto Roa
Run Time : 90-110min
Country : Colombia